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ADHDers Rep-re-sent!

So one of the things I’m always interested to hear about and see, is how ADHD is represented in politics and also in the media, because I think these are the biggest influences in spreading awareness, but sometimes misconceptions. In terms of politics, did you know that there is an ADHD group in parliament? It’s called the All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD? The only […]

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Thinking out of the Comfort Zone

This week I’ve been trying to figure out why every single time the school holidays roll around I feel like some kind of brain-dead zombie. I’ve tried to be kind to myself in this respect, because having had no biological children, I got thrown full force into parenting with no guidebook when I began fostering. Obviously, I do have some knowledge having worked with children […]

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No More

As the late bloomers of ADHD Series draws to a close, I just want to thank all the women who choose to share their story with myself and all the other people who may be out there struggling with ADHD in later life. It’s not easier to bare your soul, even if it is anonymously; you’re still worried about people’s reactions to what you’ve said, […]

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'Commiting a Crime Finally Got Me Diagnosed with ADHD!'

‘Committing a Crime Finally Got Me Diagnosed with ADHD!’

Our first feature story in ‘The Late Bloomers of ADHD’ series is about a woman who got arrested at the age of 27 and put on the path to getting diagnosed with ADHD while serving an 18-month supervision order. Here in her own words, she discusses how a drugs treatment worker finally set on the path to seeking a diagnosis…. Back in 2005, I was […]

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Those of us with ADHD want to feel like we are being taken seriously, but we are being hindered by people trying to use an excuse for something else or people self-diagnosing.

ADHD: More than a Label

Some people are quick to point out that ADHD is merely a label for people who think differently and in some ways I would agree with them, but it’s not the label that’s important so much as the understanding, validation, and support that comes with it. Yet there are people out there who would claim to have ADHD, even without a diagnosis for a multitude […]

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