‘The ADHD and Me Podcast’ (found here) has finally launched and it’s aim is to tell the stories of those people who live with, love and work with ADHD on a regular basis. It can be found via spotify, apple podcasts, iheart radio and podbean. Look below to get more information about each individual episode.

A big shout out to the audio editor of the ADHD and Me Podcast who keeps everything audio wise running smoothly; Natalie Liddell!I

Episode One- Journey to Diagnosis

Released: 15th October

In journey to diagnosis, ADHD girl talks to three individuals who have had to fight for a diagnosis of ADHD, either for themselves or for their children. They discuss what it’s like having to navigate the system and how they felt to finally recieve the validation that comes with a diagnosis.

Episode Two- A Failing System

Released: 15th November

In A Failing System, ADHD Girl explores the issues with the current Special Educational Needs (SEN) system that’s in place in the UK. Parents at a protest explain why it needs to change, a parent talks about her determination to fight for her children and a Special Educational Needs Coordination explains the difficulties of trying to manage parent expectation with the long referal times.

One Off Special- The Medication Crisis

Released: 4th December


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