ADHD and The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

A little while ago, I met with the parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. For them it has been a long journey to confirm what she had long suspected, that her child struggles in a classroom environment and also at home because he has ADHD.The treatment prescribed was medication but here is the thing she told me that I found […]

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Verbal Diarrhoea

Anyone who has ever seen or heard of the film mean girls has probably heard of the term verbal diarrhoea. It basically means that whatever is in your mind comes out of your mouth without having a chance to filter it. Most people suffer from it at some point every now and again, because of nerves, drunkenness or just due to forgetfulness, but for people […]

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Fighting for an Education

When I was younger, my parents had to fight tooth and nail against such remarks that I was just ‘a naughty child’ or they were ‘bad parents’. Very little was known about ADHD back then, it was 1993 after all, but the hostility against the difference instead of the support, was fairly evident. I can only imagine how difficult it was very my parents knowing […]

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‘Good Parenting is not a Cure!’

You wouldn’t believe how many people still seem to think that ADHD is just a term for bad parenting, that it doesn’t exist. I’m sorry, but until you have it and have to put up with having an ADHD brain on a regular basis then you don’t really get to have that opinion. There are brilliant doctors, scientists and academic who state that there is […]

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