The right to be ADHD - mother and daughter

The Right to be ADHD

I’ve always been a person who strongly values peoples right to be individuals with their own strengths and their own journeys, but parenting is a whole different kettle of fish. As parents, we always feel like our children are a reflection of how we’ve raised them or what we’ve done. For example, if they start playing up or running around the supermarket, we feel people are […]

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The Trauma of ADHD

So after a few sessions with my therapist, I realised that my writing is so interlinked with my emotional well-being. I mean I kind of always knew it deep down, but it’s amazing the stuff that comes out when you are supposed to be writing a work of fiction. It’s rather like acting, that everything becomes a self-portrait; no matter how hard you try. It’s […]

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Hobbies that Benefit

You know those moments in life where you look around and think this is….this is what it was all for…this is where it was all leading? Sadly for many of us with ADHD we really struggle to feel a sense of achievement. We’re either setting ourselves unrealistic goals then beating ourselves up for not achieving them or we’re not even trying at all. That’s why […]

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shifting focus adhd

Shifting Focus

So, my last post was kind of dramatic, but I’ll be totally honest and admit I was heading for a breakdown. Anyway, I’m in a slightly better place now and life carries on doesn’t it? I suppose that’s annoying and reassuring in equal measure. That the world pays no attention to you when you are struggling, but also that despite the fact you feel like […]

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Emotional Eating

This article may come some way too explaining why I have posted as frequently lately too. So lately I’ve been going through a rather tough time. Some stuff has come up from my past connected to my present, and I’ve realised that I’d probably benefit from some counselling. I mean aside from having ADHD which means my brain keeps whirling at an ultra fast level, […]

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Woman looking down with head in hands

Great Expectations (An Apology to Myself)

Ok, here it is a confession! I’ve reached the age where technology has exceeded my tech knowledge and it is for this reason that I haven’t yet managed to get the video done. Another reason is that my life is quite chaotic right now, with the children going back to school and trying to regain a sense of routine why juggling other things has proved […]

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Wakey Wakey Sleepy Head - man asleep

Wakey Wakey Sleepy Head

 Don’t ask me to do much in the morning; that’s golden advice right there. Of course, there are certain things I have to doo as an adult such as get the children ready and take them to school etc. but those things are part of a routine so I can do those on autopilot. When something in the morning comes up that I’m not prepared […]

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Wall clock

See you Late(r) Alligator; Maybe Never!

Ok hands up if you are always late for everything?? It’s certainly not through lack of trying. I have found that no matter how organised I am, that there are only a few times in my life where I am actually on time for everything. Of course, I try to be on time for the important stuff such as health appointments, stuff for the kids […]

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