Just How Serious is ADHD Anyway?

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With the introduction of a new NHS taskforce for ADHD but no government all parliamentary group for ADHD as I mentioned last week (it’s now looking like they may be using it as a way of developing services for ADHD to avoid PIP claims) , it makes you think how seriously ADHD is being taken in modern western culture?

I’ve met a lot of people over the years who tend to know about ADHD but have a false perception of it, for example, some people seem to think it’s a personality trait which while up for debate, takes away from the fact that it’s a genuine diagnosable condition.

Others seem to think that ADHD just affects education, and this is what I am campaigning to change. If ADHD is only looked at through the lens of education, then all the other parts of it aren’t given as much acceptance or understanding. Those who aren’t in education, just get no support at all and are expected to get on with it.

“ADHD is on the rise but there is still so much ignorance around it and it makes life difficult for those who have it!”


The truth is ADHD is a cross-curricular neurological disorder, which means that it affects every level of a person’s development in different and in individual ways. Not many people know that paranoia is a common indirect symptom of having ADHD, or that we’re easy to overwhelm when presented with too many choices on the spot (it’s why I look at restaurant menus in advance!!).

Of course, it’s no secret that our bad memories probably wreak the most havoc on the daily lives of our ADHD. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become incredibly frustrated that I’ve lost something that was in my hands, not only thirty seconds beforehand.

“We’re launching a campaign that includes everybody, not just for those with ADHD, but everyone around them to take take action!”


So in conclusion, how serious is ADHD? Not at all if you’re unaffected by it, if you are determined to not learn any more about it except simply at a surface level, but if you have ADHD or know someone with ADHD you’ll understand the massive impact it has on someone’s daily life.

It’s time we stopped allowing people to bury their head in the sand when it comes to something that affects 280 million people worldwide. That’s why every single person needs to show their care and become aware! That’s our campaign for 2024 that we’re going to launching this Monday! We hope you’ll join us and together we can send a strong message that ADHD deserves understanding, acceptance and representation!

Strap yourselves in ADHDers and allies, because change is coming and we must be ready to start it, embrace it and push it until no one can deny it.


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