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Below find all the information and news you need about the ADHD medication shortage in the UK. We will update this regularly as the situation changes.


it is now looking like the ADHD medication shortage being extended till April 2024 is now confirmed. Though this doesn’t change current medical advice, it’s bound to affect the mental health of the entire ADHD community. Please contact your doctor or pharmacy with any concerns, and don’t suffer in silence (our facebook discussion group is also available as a form of support)!

Listen to the above ADHD medication crisis podcast special here!

Pharmacy Stock Check

  • Boots Pharmacy shows where in the UK you can get hold of ADHD medication in their stores. Click here to check if any is available near you
  • The NHS has a find a pharmacy page where you can find local pharmacies near you to ring and check if they have any of your ADHD medication. Find this tool here
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Current Advice

If you can’t get hold of your current ADHD medication at your regular pharmacy, firstly try to source it from other pharmacies in your area checking what supplier they use. If you still can’t get hold of it then you need to go to your GP who may be able to offer you an alternative. The NHS admit there will be some difficult challenges ahead.

When will this resolve?

The NHS are still advising that the manufacturing issues with ADHD medication will be resolved by December 2023. Currently not all medication is affected so if in doubt check with your local pharmacy who are the best ones to keep you updated.

ADHD Drug Shortage!
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What’s causing this issue?

The NHS are saying that the manufacturing issues for ADHD medication is due to increased demand, but logically it’s more likely to be down to international politics on import and exports of medication.


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