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Somebody tapping their fingers on the desk….tap…..tap….tap!! A person blasting their music out of their car! What about being in a really crowded area with no clear exit? Or wooden cutlery in your mouth? Ok worse one….the feeling of a dry towel? I don’t know about you but these things seem to give me what I can only describe as a brain shake…it’s like me […]

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The Forgotten Women

Welcome to my first blog article in my ‘The Late Bloomers of ADHD’ series. A series dedicated to women who have struggled for a long time before being diagnosed with ADHD at a later stage. It’s no secret that woman are usually better at hiding ADHD than men. This stems from women being more adaptable in different situations and therefore can mimic peers or develop […]

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Caught Between Stupid and Clever!

When I was younger, I hated mainstream education, for obvious reasons. Sitting down at a desk for long periods of time to learn about things I simply didn’t care about was near enough impossible. I had too much passion for life cursing through my veins, random but great ideas I wanted to explore, not to mention I was only a young child. I was an […]

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