Why we Need More ADHDers in the Media

Rows of books on shelves

Note: Sorry, I’ve not updated this blog for like a month, but life got in the way. Plus did I mention I have ADHD? I can’t promise I’ll update every week moving forward (only that I’ll try), but rest assured I will always find my way back to my blog readers. So, I’ve been listening to a fantastic audible book by one of my favourite […]

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ADHDers Rep-re-sent!

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So one of the things I’m always interested to hear about and see, is how ADHD is represented in politics and also in the media, because I think these are the biggest influences in spreading awareness, but sometimes misconceptions. In terms of politics, did you know that there is an ADHD group in parliament? It’s called the All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD? The only […]

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