What is Body Doubling and does it work for ADHD?

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There is a new graze going round in the ADHD community, which is called body doubling. At first, I was like what the heck is that it sounds rather interesting, but when I find out what it actually is, I thought does that really work? Is it a good idea long term?

Body doubling is where a person with ADHD has another person around so they can get tasks done, so it’s almost like having a form of accountability. It does actually sound good in theory as nothing motivates or guilt trips an ADHDer more than the idea of letting others down. Yet is this coping strategy really practical?

The issues it throws up in my mind are firstly, having ADHD is emotionally exhausting so I couldn’t imagine having someone around constantly breathing down my next. Like I need time to just sit in a dark room in silence sometimes to recover from the constant never ending noise that is the real world.

“While body doubling may be great for accountability, it also makes you dependendant on somebody else which can be unhealthy.”


Another question that springs to mind is ‘will this be something that can work long term’ You can’t really expect another person to be available 24/7 or even 2 or 3 hours a day so ADHDers can get stuff done. Also, in terms of well being I whole heartedly believe that it’s a really essential thing to be alone at times because it helps you to become self-aware and comfortable in your own skin. I can already hear some of you saying but that’s when I descend into depression or have really bad anxiety which I totally get because I suffer from them too but it’s in the silence when dealing with those things that we find a way through. Otherwise we just constantly masking them around other people.

I’m not saying body doubling doesn’t work or it’s a bad thing but like every other coping strategy for ADHD there has got to be a balance. If having someone around for a few hours a week makes you get stuff done then that potentially is a really good thing! Me? Call me cynical but I hate to rely on other people because I’ve been let down too many times.

Each to their own though as what works for what ADHDer doesn’t always work for another, the main thing is finding something that works with your ADHD for you as individual! Catch you later ADHDers and allies!


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