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Ok, I don’t usually publish more than one blog article a week because I have a lot going on, but I had to get this out because I am furious!! Of course us ADHDers are known for having a quick temper but in this matter I think logically I’m quite justified.

Last night I was watching a well-known TV programme here in the UK on a mainstream channel and somebody on it has ADHD. This person is pretty much text book ADHD, like they are loud, over excited at everything, hugging everybody and just have no filter. Despite this, the public love them and it makes my heart happy that this person with ADHD is getting so much love from many people.

Then suddenly the presenters of the show took it upon themselves to make fun of this person openly mocking their ADHD traits. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t get easily offended and I can take a joke as well as this next person so I’m not seeing my bum (an English slang for getting angry) over nothing as the saying goes. However, talking about somebody with known ADHD saying ‘they could receive bad news and still be excited’ I think crossed a line.

“Mocking somebody on national tv for aspects of their ADHD cannot be allowed to be acceptable whether it was intended or not!”


Now I’ve met these presenters in real life (don’t ask me how because I want to keep that little embarrassing story to myself- no I didn’t stalk them) and they come across as nice friendly people, so I don’t think they’ve mocked this person to be deliberately horrible about ADHD. However, at what point do we hold mainstream media more responsible for ensuring that they talk about a person with ADHD with a level of respect that shows they are ADHD aware?

I was quite angry after watching it, not so much because the comment was bad, but it made me feel like what’s the point of doing what I’m doing if that’s how ADHD is viewed by people who are actively on TV all the time. Then I suddenly realised that I could let my angry become like a fire that burns out of control or I can turn that fire into a light that guides the way for others. Now, I view this incident as something that reminds me just how far we’ve got to go in terms of ADHD awareness and will use it keep fighting for change.

Have a good week ADHDers, in Thursday’s article I talk about the new ADHD community craze of body doubling!


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