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A short and sweet one for you today ADHDers, but you know thats how we like it!

The other day somebody asked me if music helps ADHD in terms of focus and my answer was…well yes and no. Let me explain….if I’m in my car and a great song comes on and by great song I mean a catchy tune with some good lyrics I can sing along to. The problem with ADHD and this kind of song is you get lost in the music, especially if like me you like a good sing song…seriously anything from the 80s and I’m dancing, singing, bopping. the works..

Now classical or calming music is a whole other thing for ADHDers; I mean clearly if you hate classical music or music in general then this may not work for you. However, I have found that classical or calming music enables me to block out background noise and get some work done? Why? The lack of lyrics means I don’t have to concentrate on what the song is saying but the music still feels me with a sense of calmness and joy.

“Music can bring about so many different moods for people in general, so why can’t it do the same for ADHD? Granted focus isn’t a mood!”


Of course, I can’t say this is true for all ADHDers and if you’re thinking ‘wait I have ADHD but that’s not me’ then leave a comment or get it touch. I’ve always said that this blog is from my own experience of having ADHD but I’m hoping somethings will be relatable. That being said, I’ve never met an ADHDer who didn’t enjoy some time of music.

Then there are a few songs which I like to call ADHD anthems, where I just connect with them on a whole different level. The song that springs to mind is Elle Golding’s ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ which I just think speaks to those of us who feel different but don’t particularly have an issue with it. Whatever music is ‘your own kind of music’ then maybe have a think about the way your ADHD brain responds to it; it may surprise you.

Till next time ADHDers, never forget that no matter how bad your ADHD is there is always hope and support!! You just have to find the right insturments to accompany your own kind of music!


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