What are the UK Government doing for ADHDers?

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Well we’re now in mid-January and those of us with ADHD or raising ADHDers are not well aware of the medication shortage and feeling it’s effects. It’s becoming near impossible to physically get hold of ADHD medication in pharmacies nationwide and the main supplier of ADHD medication has said this issue will continue until April of 2024. It’s like us ADHDers are stuck in a constant nightmare.

In parliament yesterday, my local MP asked the question about what is being done about the ADHD medication crisis only to be directed to speak with the health sectary who is ‘doing everything they can’ but don’t we deserve more detailed and meaningful answers than that?? Also, an MP shouldn’t have to bring this up in parliament (though I’m grateful to her for doing so) for the government to communicate with it’s people and not just leave them in the dark.

Back in November 2023, the UK government said the crisis was nearly over and that it was caused by global demand but since that time there has been no further voluntary information which makes an already frustrating situation become more frustrating.

“The least our government can do is communicate with it’s people during this difficult time!”


Could it be that this situation could go on passed April? That’s the worse part of this whole chaotic situation, that we have no clue when it’s going to rectify itself and just how long we have to cope with the lack of medication.

As many people know, medication is one of the commonly used forms of treatment for ADHD, so this is turning into a major issue for a lot of families of ADHDers. Schools are also struggling to cope with unruly ADHD children in the classroom whose brains can’t slow down enough so they can access the curriculum. It’s really not good enough and we deserve answers!

“I seriously doubt that this issue is not down to global demand because if it was, it would have been resolved by now, so what’s really going on?”


I refuse to believe that this shortage is simply down to an increased demand, especially having recently seen a research article that hints that long term use of ADHD medication could potentially lead to heart problems. We deserve answers from our government on this issue, even if the only answer they can give us is that they are chasing up the right people and will provide an important update in due course. Anything but we’re doing our best and you’re just going to have to trust us.

For further up to date information on the medication shortage you can check out the medication Watch part of our website. You can also listen to our one-off special podcast the Medication Crisis here.

Stay strong ADHDers! Those of us in the ADHD community stand with you and we’re doing everything we can to get these important answers (I intend to write to my local MP about this for a second time).


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