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It finally seems to be happening! Adults with ADHD are heading towards getting the validation they deserve, at least on some level!! The American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) announce in 2022 that they are working on diagnostic criteria guidelines for adults.

As most of us in the ADHD community know, ADHD is falsely presumed to be a childhood condition, and this is enhanced by the fact that the current criteria is really based around how ADHD affects children. Whereas adult ADHD comes with a whole lot of different symptoms, though some characteristics remain the same. As the brain matures into adulthood of course there is going to be a whole bunch of different ways that ADHD impacts the individual.

“Hopefully this will lead to adults with ADHD being taken more seriously and more support will be offered to us apart from just medication.”


So ASPARD, said they would hope to release these guidelines for ADHD in adults into the field in 2023, but since that time they have now stated they will be coming in 2024, so we continue to patiently….or the case of our ADHD…impatiently for them.

Another thing to point out is that because ASPARD is an American organisation, the guidelines would probably be tried and tested in the states, before possibly being brought to the UK. However, in my experience things such as these, if they work effectively don’t take long to cross the pond.

The important thing is that this is being talked about and things are beginning to happen. As someone who was withdrew from medication at the age of 17 because ADHD was deemed to be a child condition (I have since made the personal choice not to pursue medication as a form of treatment), I couldn’t be more excited that this will hopefully lead to more recognition for adults with ADHD.

Let us hope, these guidelines get released soon! When they do ADHDers, rest assure we will be letting you know ASAP.


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