Two Days in the Sun then a Reality Check!!

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Monday has never been my friend, it always slams into me like a fierce wave before tossing around before plonking me back on land then doing it all over again. It may sound dramatic but I can’t stress enough how dramatically Monday impacts my executive functioning.

Executive functioning is basically all the skills required to get things done, so you can understand why its major for ADHDers. I dont know if its the change of routine, the early wake up or just trying to kick it up a gear that. It doesn’t help that I had two absolutely perfect days at the weekend. The sun was shining, i bought some nice food from a food festival, I ate some nice food at a barbecue, the sun was out, the company was amazing and memories were definitely made. Then along comes Monday and my brain won’t play ball.

“Lots of people struggle with Monday mornings, but it’s worst for ADHDers as it’s almost like having reset/ reprogramme your brain!”


Well today my bedside drawer broke and I couldn’t fix it (as of yet) due to a worn nail, my brain wouldn’t do what it was supposed to, i kept losing things and my stress levels have slowly been creeping up (did I mention i’m back to healthy eating?) Most people would write this off as a bad day but well most people aren’t me!!

I hate not being productive, I’m high functioning so I like to get things done, so when I can’t I sulk big time. I mean at the very least I wrote this blog article, right? but I just wish there was a way to kick start my brain each Monday.

Any tips from anyone? If not then same time next week, yes?


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