Sick of being Sick but is it linked to ADHD?

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Blah! Sickness alert! I don’t know about any of you guys, but I absolutely hate being sick in any form. I think it might be a sensory issue linked to my ADHD, because the absolute worst thing I can’t stand is eye infections and it’s annoying because I get them a lot. I’m nursing two right now! I’m a very visual person so it’s a difficult thing to just ignore it. Anyway pharmacist has given me some eye drops and I’ve eucalyptus oil to resolve this wheezy chest. Soothers for my sore throat and ’ve also got something called a whitlow on my thumb; they are rare but very painful. Needless to say, I’ve been really rundown.

“I get so irritated when I’m sick because I get overwhelmed easily and can’t focus on anything else”


I suppose it’s sensible to mention that most people don’t handle being ill particularly well, and some of us tend to get more sick than others. I read an interesting article the other day, that people with ADHD tend to get ill more frequently than others! Sounds ridiculous, right?

Well actually there was a pretty extensive study of people with ADHD and people with ADHD where they recorded how frequently they became ill and there was actually a pattern. Yep that’s right, if we didn’t have enough to deal with that comes with all the joys of having ADHD, we also are more susceptible to different illnesses. As previously mentioned I also get Seasonal Affective Disorder so late Autumn and early winter are really difficult seasons for me (sat here with my SAD lamp right now).

“Every year in September I always get sick without fail due to being rundown, I thnk it’s to do with the change of the seasons, but no one can plan to be sick!”


The worst part for me about being sick, and this is probably true for most ADHDers is it completely robs you of your motivation to do anything. I’ve had what I can only describe as brain fog these last few days, where I’ve not been able to think straight so it’s just been a lot of lazing around which I don’t do too well at all.

It’s typical that the week I was hoping to record my podcast episode is the week where my voice isn’t that good due to the sore throat, but thankful I do feel ten times better than I felt a few days ago, thanks to actually getting a full nights sleep for the first time in ages. So yes, that’s why my blog article is a little late being uploaded this week, but I hope to back to my very best next week bringing you some interesting new content. If there is anything specific you’d like me to cover around ADHD leave your ideas in the comments below. In the meantime stay healthy and well ADHDers!


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