“Like a Duck to Water”

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‘Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. I have the dreaded brain burn at the moment which means I’m operating on only three cylinders instead of the usual five. I hate times like this as I love being productive, but sometimes we’ve just got to be kind and give ourselves a rest. Anyway this article is a little shorter than usual.’


ADHD is so fickle. We’re either struggling so badly to the point that everyone can see it or we’re coping well enough so that nobody sees us. I fall into the latter category. Thankfully, I’m very self-aware as a person and psychological minded and this seems to have given me an advantage in coping with certain areas of my ADHD. However, it can sometimes mean that people never think I need help or that I can just get on with it, which presents its own set of problems.

I hate that saying ‘like a duck to water’ because it implies that all ducks do well once you place them on a pond,  but nobody ever talks about the odd ducks, the ones that might be disadvantaged in some way due to a broken wing or their legs don’t work. Perhaps it’s because those ducks don’t survive because in the animal world it’s survival of the fittest.

In the human world, I’d like to think we show much more kindness to each other, yet we can also overlook the things that are right in front of us. The reason I hate that saying ‘like duck to water’ is because I think of myself as a duck, one who looks happy and who is swimming along with all the others. Yet nobody sees what’s going on underneath surface, the fact that I’m probably kicking twice as hard as the other ducks to stay afloat.

We all get overwhelmed sometimes and we all struggle, but when your struggle is constant and to the untrained eye you look absolutely fine, that’s when it becomes rather difficult. You don’t want to kick up a fuss by saying “Hey remember me? I’m still struggling, I just look normal, but I’m not” but equally you want people to acknowledge just how hard it is. That it might look easy, but actually you are working so hard. To all the people who live with ADHD, I know you’re struggling, and I know you’re trying…even if nobody else does.  


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