Why I’m not Excited about an ADHD Task Force!

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As you might have seen in the news lately, the NHS know has a task force specifically for ADHD, but while some ADHD organisations may be treating this news with jubilation I tend to air on the side of caution with this sort of thing.

Many reliable news sources (that’s the newspapers and media free of tabloid fodder or gossip) report that this taskforce has been created as a direct response to the overwhelming increase in ADHD diagnosis figures throughout the UK.

Why is that not good news I hear you ask? Afterall, anything formed with ADHD in mind can only spread more awareness, but my concerns stems from a certain understanding of how the political landscape works in the modern day (from a democratic perspective and an educational perspective).

Note for example, the All-Parliamentary Group for ADHD has not been seen or heard from since June 2023, we’ve had a medication shortage since that time so where was anybody in government then, apart from the occasional debates and raising issues in prime minsters question time.

“I just don’t trust that this ADHD task force is a good thing, but I hope I’m wrong and it’s not just an excuse to cut funding.”


No, I’m sorry to say but in my opinion this ADHD taskforce is probably about one thing and one thing only; trying to save money. It hasn’t escaped the NHS’ notice that more people than ever are being diagnosed with ADHD and for a lot of them the preferred method of treatment is medication.

We’re living in a time where there is more strain on NHS services than ever, and the NHS are obviously looking to cut costs where possible. I fear they are now going to be looking at how they can lower the figures for those being diagnosed with ADHD by looking at the critera and subjectivity of its diagnosis. Now if it turns out that we get some huge positives out of this NHS taskforce then I’ll quite happily come on here and eat my words but until that time then I remain very sceptical.

Catch you next week ADHDers and Allies!


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