January Blues and a brain snooze!

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Anybody feel like the month of January has lasted a year?? There isn’t much going on, it’s wet and cold (if you live in the UK) and most people are poor from spending all their hard earnt money at Christmas. Well I’ve not almost recovered from the drama of last week and if all the stuff in the last blog article wasn’t enough for you then my parent’s dog who I love very dearly had a low blood sugar episode on Thursday morning and I am absolutely pooped myself. She started twitching and collapsing; it was awful! Anyway, we’re back home, my parents are back to look after the dog so hopefully more positive times ahead.

I also feel like I’ve fell off he face of the earth a bit in January! Half of it I spent out of routine and I can’t even tell you what I was doing the other half of it except nothing out of the ordinary happened. In January I always get what I call the dreaded brain death, it’s like my brain shut off at Christmas and is now on reboot to prepare for the rest of the year. That might sound like my brain is super organised but what the heck can I do in the meantime? I mean I’ve still got a course to do, a business to run, kids to look after….like I need my brain power!!

That being said, I hope February will prove a much more productive month. I hate not being productive, I can’t even relax if I’ve not done anything productive and even then I struggle. I keep trying to look at all the things I’ve got to look forward to this year to keep my head in the game, we’re hopefully going on three holidays as a family and I may have a little solo one by myself (courtesy of good old mum and dad’s babysitting service) and I’m really hoping to get a new bathroom. I can’t stand my current one.

I keep myself to be kind to myself, to just listen to my mind and body but that’s definitely easier said than done when you have ADHD! Let’s hope February brings with it better weather (for those of us in the UK) and more opportunities to shine! Take care ADHDers and allies!


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