New Years Resolutions- A Recipe for Disaster!

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New Year’s Eve is just one night of the year; yes it can be time for reflection, but so can every other day too.

New Year’s resolutions? A sure recipe for a disaster from the get-go, especially if you have ADHD. I don’t know where the tradition comes from exactly, but it’s basically when you promise yourself you’ll work harder to achieve thing that you haven’t in the past year. What’s the point? Let’s face it, if we really wanted to change then there is no point just only doing it at New Year?

Even the pressure of New Year’s Eve is probably known by the mass majority of you. Everybody makes out that you are supposed to be having the best night of your life and one that you will remember for years to come. I’ve found the problem with having high expectations about certain things is that you’re either constantly on edge waiting for the magic to happen, thus not enjoy it anyway or it never meets them, and you wonder why you are left disappointed.

“Everyone is always expected to have the best night of their lives and have their life figured out by the strong of midnight- it’s a nice ideology, but it’s not how the world works.”


This Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been very different for me, as it’s my first as a foster parent. This means that my Christmas has been a lot less quiet, but my New Year’s Eve certainly will be. The thing is I don’t particularly care, the best times in my life have always been when the unexpected happens or when I take a leap of faith. I’m just going to get my best friend round; crack open a nice bottle of something and see in the New Year with a smile. Lately I’ve been hyper focusing on plotting my family tree and I’ve literally had brain burn out where I’m not sure what date it is or what I’m supposed to be doing. I have, I’m pleased to admit, managed to ensure my foster children are still looked after, but that’s about it.

I’m more interested in what I’ve achieved, what I’ve enjoyed than I am about what I can do better. Of course, like many people I have a few goals such as losing weight and getting my final trilogy series book out there, but I’m not going to pile on the pressure; there is no need as it won’t help me to achieve them.

Instead of looking at things you still need to achieve, it would probably be a better use of our time if we looked at the reasons we didn’t achieve them. I’ve talked before about people with ADHD being 100% or nothing in terms of passion. So one of the reasons we’ve not achieved a goal might be because it’s not that important to us. The older I get the more I realise it’s more important to be content with where you are at than desperately rushing to get where you want to go.

No matter what the new year brings, it’s not about making promises to better yourself, it’s simply about looking better at what you’ve enjoyed doing, what you’ve achieved and trying to do more of it. Life is far too hard without added pressure or being unkind to ourselves.

Happy New Year to my blog readers. I hope 2022 will be a better one for us all.


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