The Future is Predictable?!?!

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Warning: This blog article contains a spoiler for Spiderman 3: No Way Home

For my friends and family, this is probably one of my most irritating ADHD trait, given the fact that I tend to manage most of the symptoms quite well. However, no matter how hard I try I just can’t stop myself guessing the end to movies I watch and books that I read! Sound familiar?

When I was little, even I was aware that I was rather odd. I used to guess the endings to lyrics on the radio before they’d even been sang. I thought it was because I was clever, and while some would possibly say I am, I have learned it is more to do with my ADHD.

“When a good level of intellgence meets endless possiblities then predicting certain logical outcomes, may come more easily.


When your brain has the ability to think of so many different ideas at once, is it any wonder that sometimes we get really good at the process of elimination? I’ll give you an example! So, my friend kindly let me log on to his google play account and watch the newly released Spiderman 3 film. I was giving him a running narration of my reaction to different parts of the movie. When Mysterio came on the screen, I asked who he was. My friend told me just to watch the movie, to which I replied ‘he’s not part of the Avengers’. Then it dawned on me, if a big superhero was just in one movie, but not part of the avengers, then it must be because they were the bad guy. “He’s the villain, isn’t he?” I asked. My friend was like “How the heck do you do that?”

The answer is I really can’t help it. Whenever I am watching, reading, or listening to something my mind already goes to a place where it tries to work out what comes next. We ADHDers aren’t exactly known for living in the here and now? Why would we? It’s something that’s already happening.
While I do get irritated with myself for guessing the endings to things 9.5 times out of ten, it is this that allows me to know whether I’ve read a really great book, seen a really great movie or heard a great song. It usually means it’s extremely unpredictable, just like my brain!


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