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Is it an age thing? An ADHD thing, I have no idea, but nothing makes me more frustrated than when I don’t how to work a piece of technology and I need it to make progress. I recently purchased my third website because yep, you’ve guessed it I’ve taken on yet another new project. What is it with us ADHDers? We’re either not motivated or trying to do everything at once? Mondays tend to stress me out more often than not because the first day the kids are back at school, and I want to do my entire workload for the rest of the week. Who was it that said, ‘an ADHD brain is like a Ferrari with no brakes?’ I think they were right!

Anyway, in typical ADHD fashion I’ve gone right off track. Who wants the linear approach when we can zig zag round the houses to get where we want to be? It may take us longer, but I can guarantee we’re probably the ones having the most fun. So..back to technology! The other two websites I own including this one, I sought professional support. One good thing I will say about myself is that usually nine times out ten always know when I’m out of my depth. Before my author’s page I had no idea how to even purchase a domain name, something which I found out via my good friend google! Once I had domain I used a very easy and straight forward web hosting service, lets just say if you are not techy and can’t do code, these things are a godsend.

“We ADHDers usually get frustrated easily which doesn’t go well with technology going wrong!”


Even while able to do basic things on my author’s site I still didn’t know how to do a great many things I wanted to do and by this point I was already thinking of starting my own ADHD blog to break the stereotypes and raise awareness. I brought on board somebody who I think I met through going on various authors groups on Facebook (yes, it’s a small world after all, especially when it comes to social media). With his help I found a better hosting service which gave me more flexibility and I also launched my ADHD blog which you are reading right now.

Anyhow, I said all that to say this, this new website, my third, we mutually agreed I would attempt myself and it has been one heck of a journey. I had this vision with how I wanted the website to go, and I wanted it now, so any thing that got in my way, whether it be a code error or not being able to find the right pluggin, I would get incredibly cranky and irritable.

“I wish I understood more in terms of technology, but I feel like it’s changing that fast that I can’t keep up.”

ADHD girl

From conversations with people over the years I don’t think getting stressed out by technology is a purely ADHD thing, but I do thing that we are probably the quickest to judge ourselves if it doesn’t go right. I see it a lot in children with ADHD, they can’t do something which comes relatively simple to others, such as fasten their buttons or put their seatbelt on then BAM they are heading for instant meltdown. I don’t know if many adults with ADHD grow out of this or whether we can just do more of the everyday life stuff. Either way, I don’t think I’ll ever be technologies biggest fan, no matter how good it gets because let’s face it, it always goes wrong at some point. Perhaps us ADHDers and technology have more in common than we think.


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