Come on! Come on; do the over emotional with me!

For people with ADHD who are able to think of so many different possibilities at once; sometimes feelings can be larger than life.
For people who are able to think of so many different possibilities at once; sometimes feelings can be larger than life.

The impulsiveness of ADHD is hard to deal with, especially when you process everything so fast. Usually it means you act first and ask questions later, which only generally works out 40% of the time.

When it comes to big emotions, the impulsiveness is a huge pain that can give us extreme anxiety, react badly or even make us go numb. I remember the day I got told that I had failed my primary teacher training observation (the fact that it was absolutely the wrong course for me is beside the point) many years ago). I literally sat there unable to process what was being said to me. I could hear someone talking and see somebody looking at me. All I could do is nod and try to remember to breath.

“I’ve had so many different experiences, that not much phases me these days, but I always remind myself that it’s ok to feel how I feel, as long as I am not hurting anyone in the process (including me).”


Once I got away from that person and actually had the time to process everything, I broke down in tears, thinking of all the things I should have said, but didn’t. That’s the thing with being impulsive; you don’t always do yourself justice and it can increase the possibility of having regret.

I wish I could say that today I’ve learned how to manage big and unexpected emotions a lot more easily, but the truth is only having experience of dealing with different situations can really help. These days not much phases me, but when it does, I remind myself that it’s ok to react how I react, as long as I am not hurting anyone else.

Some people may say I’m over-emotional, but there is no such thing as overemotional, only how you feel and the way which you deal with it. Now being over-dramatic is an entirely different kettle of fish and yes, I’ve been guilty of that a few times.

“The ability to think of so many possibilites at once can be overwhelming and scary, but it also makes me incredibly compassionate and creative too.”


My point is that if people judge me for how I feel or react in one moment, without taking the time to get to know me the rest of the time, then why should I worry about what they think? Being articulate doesn’t mean you always know what to say at the right time. It sometimes, means reapproaching a person or a situation and clarifying what you actually meant to say.

On the positive side though, the impulsiveness from my ADHD means I’m more passionate, bubblier and have better reflexes that most. Without them qualities I have no idea who I would be, except I wouldn’t be me.


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