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 Don’t ask me to do much in the morning; that’s golden advice right there. Of course, there are certain things I have to doo as an adult such as get the children ready and take them to school etc. but those things are part of a routine so I can do those on autopilot. When something in the morning comes up that I’m not prepared for, certainly within the first 30 minutes of waking up, I go straight into meltdown mode.

When I wake up in the morning, I have what I can only describe as brain fog. My brain processor isn’t really working at full capacity. I relate it to a computer that slowly has to boot up when it’s turned on. Coffee sometimes helps to speed up the booting-up process, but until that time I just have to stumble around hoping for the best.

It probably explains why I usually like to set my alarm a full 15-20 minutes before I actually get out of bed. I’d rather not take any chances and just give myself that time to slowly come to. Having said that, there is always a risk of falling back to sleep which is the snooze button on my alarm tends to be my go-to.

“I’m incredibly lucky that I can fall asleep relatively easily most nights, but I still hate waking up. I’ll never be a morning person!”


From what I understand, most adults with ADHD don’t really do mornings. Possibly became our brains spend more time in the random-access mode where dreams can occur, as opposed to a deeper sleep. Falling asleep for me has never really been an issue (don’t hate me!!), even as a baby, I would sleep as much as I could (my mum was really lucky!!). Yet, waking up well let’s just say my parents had to wake me up on Christmas day when I was a child.

Bottom line is not getting enough sleep sucks; no matter whether you had ADHD, are a parent with sleepless children or there is some other reason for it. Some people say sleep is for wimps, well if that’s true I’m a big wimp because I love my sleep and will continue to fight to get as much as I possibly can!!


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