There is a Time and Place for Being Human!

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Forgetfulness is a big part of ADHD because we are usually not focused enough to remember small details.

I had an ADHD moment the other day and believe me I have them most of the time. Earlier that day I changed bags to match my outfit. Most of the time I don’t bother but, on this occasion, I thought why not match? So I changed the stuff from my blue bag into my pink bag. Then we went on a family day out to the zoo. It was great; we saw Monkeys and elephants etc.

When we came back, I unpacked the cooler bag and then realised I needed to give my handyman a ring. Not being able to find my phone, I started to panic. Now perhaps if I hadn’t been as tired or in a flap, I might have paused to use the find my phone app on my iPad, but I just wasn’t thinking straight.

“I went into full on meltdown mode!”


Then I think to check my handbag my phone and guess which one I went for? The blue one and when I couldn’t find my phone, I went into full on meltdown mode. Where was it? Had I left it in the car? The zoo? My life was on the phone! What if somebody stole it?

Anyway after a good five minutes of being on the verge of tears, asking the children as kindly as possible to leave me alone for a little while, I suddenly realise that today I had been wearing my pink bag. So can you guess where my phone was?

I already know what some of you are thinking. That sounds like a standard for me, and you’d probably be right!!! The problem is moments like this happen to me all the time! I constantly forget where I’ve put stuff, even if I’ve put it down a few seconds ago then I get intense anxiety over it.

“I just have to remember to be kind to myself.”


That’s why everything having a place is good for people with ADHD. Appropriate storage places have become the bane of my life since becoming a foster parent and even though I’m doing better, I still get frustrated with myself.

Like today I got angry because the cleaner cleaned my house. If you’ve read my Blog article on cleaning, then you’ll know I absolutely need a cleaner as it reduces a massive burden. However, I got mad because before the cleaner cleaned, I knew where things were. First, I got mad with the cleaner and then I realised that if things had been put away or in their proper places the cleaner wouldn’t keep moving them.

Being tidy and remembering things has to come with a balance. Some days it’s good to full on tidy and have reminders on my phone 90% of the time, but other days and times I just have to remember to be kind to myself. I may not be perfect, but I do well most of the time: cutting myself some slack the other 10% is not only kind but necessary. I’m only human; with or without ADHD!!


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