The Unmasking of ADHD Girl

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I’ve never been one to hide myself away, but I think ADHD in itself is bigger than just one person who has it.

Soon, the time will come when I will be revealing who I really am, my real name and more about me than I have before. When I started this blog, I wanted to do it anonymously for one main reason; because ADHD is not just about me, it’s about you, it’s about the people who have ADHD and the people who love people with ADHD. Of course, in this blog I can only speak from my own experience and my own perspective, and no matter what you are told about ADHD, every single person with it is unique.

So why now? Why will I soon be revealing my name and my face? I assure you it’s not some desperate bid for attention. In many ways, I don’t like being in the spotlight because I get nervous and trip over my words. It also adds a great deal more pressure because there is someone to blame if someone gets offended or things go wrong.

The reason I will be revealing my identity is for one reason and one reason only. I am not ashamed of my ADHD, and neither should any one else be either. My ADHD is a part of who I am, it’s my life journey and it’s my gifting, as well as my curse. I always have and always will be incredibly honest because that’s how I was raised. That doesn’t mean I’m honest to the point of being blunt to those around me, it means that I value my authenticity and my originality.

With that being said, there are somethings about me that I cannot share and that’s because it’s not my story to tell. So, in a few weeks, you’ll be able to put a name and a face to ADHD girl, which you may not particularly care about and that’s ok, because if my blog helps just one person feel better about their ADHD or helps them to understand it a little better than it all will have been worth it.

See you all real soon ?


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