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Here at ‘ADHD and Me’ we understand that raising awareness, isn’t a competition and it can’t happen through just one website alone, but with the support of the whole ADHD community, which is why we happily share links for anyone trying to fight the good fight and raise awareness.

We will be adding more website links as they become available or appropriate. If you think you have a website link that may be of interest to the ADHD community, please email

National Organisations/ Charities

ADHD Foundation– This charity offers lots of different services and support for those with ADHD. Click here to access their website.

ADHD UK– This community interest company delivers daily online workshops for different aspects of ADHD and also campaigns for political change. Click here to access their website.

CHADD US– An organisation based in America that empowers people with ADHD and offers different supports and services to Americans. Click here to access their website.

More ADHD Information

NHS UK– An overview from a national professional perspective of what ADHD is and how it affects people with it. Click here to access their website.

CDC US– Lots of information on ADHD from the American perspective and ways to treat it. Interestingly also contrains a lot of statistics, which gives a wide picture. Click here to access their website.

Political Movements

There are several petitions currently being ran on the UK parliament petitions website. One is to hold a public enquiry into pre and post diagnosis ADHD support is underway and needs 100,000 signatures from within the UK to be discussed by parliament. This would mean that referal times are looked at, as well as what support can be offered in the meantime. Click here to sign it. Another petition to encourage the government to do more about the ADHD medication shortage and to also look at how it has been managed can be found here.

ADHD UK are currently doing a survey on people’s experience of getting diagnosed in the UK and how it can be improved. You can participate in this here.


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