Is ADHD an Evolutionary Condition Influenced by Tech?

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Last week the kids and I went to Spring Harvest and while there I attended a sermon on mental health. Dont worry I’m not going to start preaching about my faith to you!!

Yet, was something in that sermon that really got me thinking and it was this; life is so much more faster than it used to be and we’re all struggling to keep up. That combined with the recent articles about ADHD being an evolutionary biological occurrence got me thinking. Don’t worryl I’m not going to start saying ADHD is a super power as some people do because it is definitely swings and roundabouts depending on individual circumstances and the kind of environments we’re in.

“I may be completely off the mark with this, but it’s certainly something worth exploring.”


However, human evolution is something that has constantly been proven over the years, I mean it took us a long time to understand enough science to build computers. Perhaps our brains have simply adapted to the way we’re now expected to function in society, which has been aided by technology.

After all, before there was the calculator people had to workout more maths in their head, before there was google people were forced to think longer for a solution to satisfy their curiosity. I’m actually making our brains sounds stupid or lazy when they’re not; ADHD brains have an incredibly fast processing speed, which is part of our problem but when you think about that in terms of a computer it actually does make some sense.

A computer is built for speed, expected to do several things at once and then crashes when it cant perform. Remind you of anyone??I’m not saying our brains have adapted over 1000 of years to be like computers, I’m just saying maybe the industrial revolution and the technological advancement may have played their part.

Sadly without consulting an actual scientist or psychiatrist then my idea may be completely without merit but sometimes the smallest ideas lead to great outcomes. After all we’ve all got to start somewhere!

Have a great week ADHDers and allies, and just remember; you may be the future advancement of the human race, even if ADHD is a massive pain up the bum a lot of the time!!


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